How to install

Products will arrive protected in Bubble wrap.
Unwrap and lay flat.
Pull apart the 2 disks A and B and set aside disk B for now.
With Disk A gently price out the inner cover revealing 2 plastic bags containing screws and set these aside
Secure the wiring into your alarm framework using the 4 wires and /or the 2 white loop integrity wires:Using the supplied wiring diagram may help . secure disk A onto the ceiling or Besa Box using appropriate screws . besa box must only be fitted flush with ceiling
bags containing the securing screws for inner plate and Detector head
secure the inner disk to the disk A mounted firmly on the ceiling using the 4 torx 15 screws provided in pic 6
close up of the torx screws used to secure the inner plate in pic 7
if nessesary apply anti-pick mastic aound the edge of the ceiling mounted plate to alleviate any gaps on an uneven surface
To the back of base B screw your prefered detector base connector using the 2 pozi flanged screws into the pre drilled holes . NO OTHER SCREWS ARE TO BE USED FOR THIS OPERATION AS THIS COULD DAMAGE THE CONNECTIONS AND INVALIDATE ANY GUARANTEE.
To Connect both bases together Hold base B up to Base A on the ceiling and the magnetic attraction and locating tubes will do the rest, The two disks will only connect one way around due to the location tubes , you will hear a slight click as they join together.
You can now connect up to the terminals on the smoke detector base of your choice to the wires from our base , this is a straight through connection from the Ceiling wiring .
At this point make all connections to the relevant connectors,( the picture is only for illustration and not the correct way to wire all products , please refer to wiring diagram supplied or manufacturers specification for your individual product
When all wiring is complete connect the smoke Head* to the wired base.

*We have used a Honeywell S-quad base for Illustration purposes only . The ALD302 is a universal antiligature base that can accommodate many different smoke detector heads.