Mr Spruce the inventor of the ALD302 antiligature smoke detector base
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The owner of the Antiligature Base company and inventor of the ALD/302 Universal antiligature smoke detector base assembly, Mr Les Spruce has been in the Antiligature business for over 32 years.
From the initial birth and realisation that antiligature products were needed to assist in the fight against self-harm attempts to the modern day risk assessments and techniques used to help people stay safe and well in mental health establishments. Now he has moved in a different direction with this patented Smoke detector base assembly to address a unique Ligature issue

ALD 302 Fitted

His unique Patented Antiligature Base design idea was born, while our parent company Spruce Design  were working on an NHS project,  sadly overnight a young client had attempted to self-harm by threading a cord through a hard-wired smoke detector base hard mounted on the ceiling of their room.

working together

We were approached by the Hospital and asked if we knew of any way that this piece of equipment could be made safer , and it was this shock to the system that started us thinking about the problem and a hopeful, possible solution.
One year later after exhausted trials  ironed out issues, the first prototype was born.
Listening to important feedback from the NHS, we then introduced a greatly improved 4 wire ALD302/L version, with increased safety features.such as anti-contraband lip to stop concealment . and a loop integrity circuit to maintance connectivity to the remaining detectors when a self harm is attempted.

A Typical location for our detector bases to be fitted

Always looking to improve on safety, we are now in production of a third, and again improved version.
The Antiligature base company are proud to think that they may  have helped, to slow down the ever-increasing self-harm issues faced by overworked NHS staff in Mental Health facilities .
We have made a promise that we will always listen to new comments and suggestions to improve our product further as ever changing situations arise and depict quick action .